Vintage Boat Oar

Vintage Boat Oar
Vintage Alumacraft aluminum oars history / value?

I have a nice pair of old standard size hollow metal boat oars made of aluminum with original Alumacraft Company Minneapolis Minnesota decals on them. When were these available, how rare to find now and appx. collector value is the question. They are in excellent condition, no dents or corrosion.

Depending on condition…$100 to $200 per pair. I have paid at both extremes. If they have no or few scrapes or dents…toward the higher end. I have found the longer ones harder to find. Ducker oars will be found painted camo. and are even more rare…and go for north of $200 on EBay. A pair just sold for a nice price. They are not particularly rare, but pretty highly desired to outfit a period Alumacraft. Of the sets I have, none have the decal…so I for one would find them of interest. E-Bay generally attracts a solid pool of AlumaCraft crazies….Shipping can be a hassle and expensive given the length. I just got a set for $35 shipping…I have seen sellers ask $75 which just depresses the value. Hope to see them for sale someday…or just enjoy. They ain’t makin’ ’em anymore.

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