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Club Inflatable Raft
What’s the best place/way to start White Water Kayaking in OK?

I’ve done a fair amount of White Water Rafting with guided tours and then on my own with friends here in the South and East Coast and I’ve done a fair amount of recreational rec and inflatable kayaking and I’m looking to keep moving forward with the sport. My wife and I are now moving up to Oklahoma (the Enid/OK city area). So two questions…

What’s the best versatile river-rider WW kayak for someone with beginner experience?


Are there any clubs in that area to get started in anywhere in Oklahoma or the surrounding area?

Lots of rivers but very little whitewater. #1 requirement to have whitewater is rapid drop in elevation. I do not live in Oklahoma, but I go there every year for 1 month and fish my life away. I stay at a friends house on Lake Tenkiller just outside of a pretty little town called Tahlequa. There is a section of the Illinois River that flows from the base of the dam at Tenkiller Ferry Lake downstream until it meets the Arkansas River. This section of river is quite beautiful and will provide good whitewater when the water is being released from Tenkiller by the Army Corp of Engineers. This is typically a daily occurrence that lasts for hours to all day depending on how much moisture they have been getting upstream. These releases are published by the Corp so you can plan on being there during these time periods. This area of Oklahoma is called “Oklahoma Green Country” and for good reason. Lots and lots of water and rivers. Also lots of hills as it is technically the begginning of the Ozark Mountains. The town that you want to go to is Gore and then upstream a couple of miles to the damn. Go on-line and look up Marvel trout farm and resort and it will tell you a lot more. This is an area where you can park and put in. Hope this helped.

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