Intex Boat Person

Intex Boat Person
Question about my intex explorer 200?

I have a intex explorer 200 that I bought for my little bros bday and I wan to take it out to the lake and I wanna buy a bigger boat for later on any brand less than 150$ thanks to all answers but my real question is would it be safe to take my explorer 200 out on a lake and my next question is which 6 person boat would be good for fishing with a motor mount I was thinking about getting a seahawk 4 by intex thanks to all answers

if you are serious about spending more money on something that floats, buy something that doesnt puncture and stop floating.

good canoes can be purchased for only about $400. and can be used with trolling motors, a scanoe has the mounting built in and also would work with SMALL outboards.

or perhaps a car top sized alum hull:
the biggest and most expensive in that link is only $1,600, its 14″ V hull that will be stable in rougher waters and can hold 4 easily (470 lbs worth of people, 795 total capacity). at only 238 lbs, 2 people can carry it and load it on top of a vehicle. and it will last DECADES.
the smallest and cheapest is under $500, only weighs 80 lbs (one person can easily carry). wont be anywhere near as stable, cant handle anywhere near as much power pushing it, and only holds 2. but again it will last for DECADES.

for 6 people, who arent all light weight little kids, you need a REAL boat. – Intex Seahawk 2 Inflatable Five Man Boat Set