Inflatable Dinghy Fishing

Inflatable Dinghy Fishing
Can anyone offer good fishing spots in Broward, Florida?

I have a Sevylor inflatable “dinghy” and was wondering if anyone knew of safe, fun, gator free waters to fish/cruise around with my girlfriend 🙂 Thanks

Stop is making alot of sense on this one. Those inflatables are meant for pool use around here. There’s not a canal, lake or body of water without a gator somewhere. Besides that, this is spring…mating time for the gators. This is when they are most aggressive. I wouldn’t chance it at all in the inflatable.
Instead, you can go to the piers and the parks around your way. I posted a few links for you. There’s tons of fishing places your way. Good luck, here ya go;



There ya go, stay safe.

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