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Inflatable boat in Oahu?

My wife and I just bought an inflatable boat and plan on using it in Oahu. Only problem is, we’re not sure of WHERE we can use it. Some people have reported putting a 3hp outboard on it and taking it to Molokai. Just wondering if anyone can give us some pointers on where we can use this boat and what we should take with us. We have some of the essentials like life vests and stuff like that. Here’s a link to show what boat we got. It holds up to 5 people @ 900lbs. It’s pretty big but there’s no way it’s fitting 5 people in it.

Hey bro, here the thing bout you inflatable boat, my suggest is you only use it in harbor, like round Haliewa, till you get used to how to operate it, you can park ova by yellow surf n’ sea shop, inflate boat, and beach launch it there, get a feel for boat, ok? Always wear personal flotation device, even if you olympic swimmer(in you own mind) wear it anyway, cause you neva know when you gonna get wet, ok? This type boat very sensitive to surface wind, not too easy to steer and paddle, take some time and learn how before you try to use in otha place, ok? You definitely do not want to get in open ocean with this boat, ok? Cause wave gonna tip you upside down, and you gonna be wet, and unhappy, yeah? And if you get in water, in open ocean, and nobody know where you at, or what happen, it not long before you just a part of the food chain, so be smart, and don’t do that, ok? And, don’t even think bout trying to go to Molokai from Oahu, if that what you meant, ok? Kawai Channel gonna be one of roughest stretches of water in all Hawaii, got fast currents, and lotta wave action, I mean we do it all time in outrigger canoe, but we have one guy just bailing alla time, ok? And 3 horsepower engine not even give you enough headway against current to help, ok? So yeah, good toy, use in bay or otha calm water, but stay out of ocean, unless REALLY smooth, ok? Now, anywhere kayaks go in, you can launch rubber raft, but remember, lotta place gonna frown on anything motorized, now I have friend who have same boat as you have, he put electric trolling motor on it, carries two batts fully charged, give him bout 4 hours of cruise time, he goes all ova place on north shore, any where there a reef protected lagoon, and that bout 50 miles of beach, yeah? He have great time, do little fish and go after some shallow water spear fishing, but be careful, fish hook and spear not too kind to rubber boat, yeah? Just be careful and have great time, some place not allow any motorized propulsion, but just check with fish and game, they give you the skinny on all those place, so enjoy, and stay out of surf, ok?
Always good idea to take emergency radio, you can get portable ones really cheap online, just need for emergency, and take lotta water for drinking, also bring extra oar, cause easy to loose one you have, yeah? Also Flare gun good idea, in case you have problem, or get carried out to sea, and of course be sure to take cell phone, that most important, get a good water tite case for it, you can call 911 if you have big problem, ok? Otherwise, just take picnic lunch, sunscreen, and fav beverage, and you gonna have great time, ok? And bro, I repeat what you already know, cause you live Hawaii, NEVER turn you back on ocean, cause it gonna come down on you HARD, yeah?
Peace and aloha to you!

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