Dinghy Raft

Dinghy Raft
Where can I buy a self-inflating raft?

I’m looking to buy a self-inflating raft or dinghy that’s small, light, and as cheap as possible, and so far I haven’t been able to find what I’m looking for. I don’t need anything sea-worthy or with extra survival gear (as most of the models I’ve looked at seem to include) — just a small (9ft long, inflated?) raft that inflates quickly using either CO2 or another form of gas. Do they make anything like this, or will I have to purchase a model that has more features than I actually need?

I don’t know what the person who recommended Jack’s Plastic Welding is talking about. I didn’t see any self-inflating boats there, and I’ve never heard of them making these, though they do make great whitewater boats.

To the person asking the question: It really would help to know what you are trying to do. A self-inflating life raft is a pretty specialized item. If you just need to be able to inflate a raft quickly, there are battery powered pumps and compressed air tanks that might fit your purpose.

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