Boat Baltik

Boat Baltik
Is an 8hp too big for an 8.5ft dinghy?

I have a 8ft 6 inch baltik dinghy with wooden floor. Boat has nice big tubes and seems sturdy. I currently use a 4hp 2 stroke motor. I would like some more power to plane 2 people. The boat says it is rated for up to 10 hp, but that seems high. Most boats in its size range are rated for much lower. Do you think a mercury 8hp 2 stroke would be too much weight/power for the boat? Thanks

If it is rated for 10 hp then you are good to go.

Do you have anybody who will let you borrow or rent and 8hp to try it out? Might be nice to have a test run or two to get the feel of the bigger engine.

Not really a boat which is designed to race along, but it sounds like you are in the rated range, so go ahead.

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