Boat Raft

Boat Raft
will this electric motor power my raft/boat?

Hey me and my friends built a 8 x 8 raft using 2×4’s and 55 gallon plastic barrels for flotation. Will a 12 volt electric motor power it, we only need to slowly troll out a few hundred meters to anchor, speed is not an issue. Heres LINK to the exact motor, thanks!!

A little 2 – 4 hp petrol outboard would be better if the wind comes up. The ‘leccy motor might be a little marginal in breeze.

But if where you are only allows electric motors on the water, then you have little choice. You can easily spend twice the cost of the trolling engine on a battery and charger, and should probably spend a lot more. A car starting battery will last about 20 or 30 charges if drawn down below 50% from fully charged. They are not suitable or built for this type of use.

You will only charge your batteries fully if you use a quality multi stage charger. Traction type gel cells are the industry standard for extreme cycling, AGM types are also able to cope with a lot of abuse but neither are very cheap up front if you buy enough capacity – they will last a long time if looked after so are cheap in the long term. All batteries should be fully charged asap after use, and kept charged all the time by either permanently connecting a trickle charger (I use 10 – 20 Watt solar panels) or giving a top up with your multistage charger every month.

You only get what you pay for in batteries and chargers – cheapness in the first instance is rarely anything but expensive in the long term.

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