Inflatable Motor

Inflatable Motor
Is it possible to take a small inflatable boat with a motor all the way from San Diego to Catalina Island?

yes it is possible to take a rugged inflatable (not to be confused with a cheap vinyl inflatable). the distance is about 37 miles from dana point to catalina. even a slow inflatable traveling at 6 mph should be able to make the trip in about 7 hours. traveling in open water in a small boat can be dangerous. you will want to carry extra fuel, vhf radio, gps, maps and compass, full safety gear, survival gear including extra food and water. i would also recommend that you do not attempt this alone, it would be better to have a buddy in another boat that is close and available to assist in case of a problem. a small boat is hard to see in the ocean so you will need to keep a sharp lookout for overtaking and passing boats.

i also suggest that you take a long look at the weather forcast and wait to a calm time to make your trip.

good luck on your adventure

Electric Motor & Battery for Canoe or Inflatable