Oars Pump

Oars Pump
looking for new songss!?

i love the songs i’m listening to now but music is my life and i’m looking for some new ones. nothing rap or country (taylor swift is an exception).

here are some examples:

jacks mannequin ♥
dashboard confessional ♥
jimmy eat world ♥
kate voegele ♥
taylor swift ♥
fall out boy ♥
boys like girls
imogen heap

the replacements
faber drive
the fray
goo goo dolls

these are just off the top of my head, theres much more.

p.s. i detest colbie calliet and i’m so pumped for summer that i’m about to go crazy so up beat songs would be great but some of my all time favorites are slow songs so they’re good too!

Better together by Jack Johnson