Intex Ii Boat

Intex Ii Boat
What good inflatable boat is good for fishing and holds 3 people inside?

I want to buy a boat and have a 400 $ budget. So i think inflatables are the only type i can currently buy. I´ve been researching and have come down to these: intex excursion 5 (around 150 $) for the size, sice people say it can actually hold up to 5 adults inside; and the RST Marine Navigator II 500, for the quality. The people at say its top quality, yet highly affordable. The problem with the RST is that apparently holds 2 adults comfortably, and i need it for three (Me, my dad and my step brother, all of us above 150 pounds each).

My question is, what do you think of my options, and what other could you recommend?

Thanks a lot.

take intex excursion.

it is a nice boat with lots of weight carrying capacity

also it seemed to me that the bottom of that boat is a bit vibration preventive so as compared to other boats i used it had the least amount of vibrations in it.

Intex Excursion 5 Inflatable Boat (Unbox and inflate)