Launching Set

Launching Set
How do i set the Pricing of my products of my apparel factory?

I have recently launched a brand in india and have a setup a small factory so now i dont know how do i set the pricing of my products i mean ofcourse i just calculate my costs and then add the profit i want from it and thats my cost, but it wont be that simple when we have agents, dealers distributers etc. acctually i need a lot of guidance about other systems as well in manufacturing as well as marketing, sales and branding, where can i get these type of answers from?

There is something you need to figure out, What is your desired profit margin? What proce is fair for your product? Do intend to make your money selling mass quantity or by selling quality.

You need to price your product to be competitive with other like priducts on the market. You will need to point out what makes your product better and unique in your marketing stategy.

Remember a product is only worth what the customer will pay, also you have to make a profit or your factory will close.

Find a happy medium.

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